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Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of a physiological body system called the Cranial Sacral system.

This powerful therapy directly influences the structure and function of the body. Problems in the framework of the body can affect the nervous system, which extends to all parts. This in turn can affect all aspects of your health. Cranial Sacral Therapy encourages the release of tensions throughout the body, restoring it to a state of balance and harmony.

Cranial sacral therapists use gentle movements applied to the skull and vertebrae to balance the circulation of the liquid that surrounds the brain. Because the whole body expands and contracts with the rhythm created by the cranial pulse, the cranial sacral system affects the entire body.

Working on the cranial sacral system brings the body into balance, releasing accumulated stress to create a general sense of well-being. It also can help with headaches, neck and jaw pain, and problems with the pelvis and the diaphragm.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is conducted with the patient fully clothed.

A little bit of info about the Cranial Sacral System:

The Cranial Sacral system is a semi-closed hydraulic system which envelops the brain and the spinal cord. This system produces, circulates and reabsorbs cerebrospinal fluid, which is the environment in which your brain and nervous system develops, lives and functions.

The production and reabsorption of cerebrospinal fluid produces a continuous rise and fall of fluid pressure within the Craniosacral System. The system expands and contracts with this rhythmical pressure fluctuation. This prevents pressure from building up too much within the craniosacral system. If your body is unable to accommodate these pressure changes, any buildup can contribute to dysfunction and ill health, especially in the Central Nervous System.

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