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Massage can play an important role in your horses’ life!
Massage can help to relieve bending problems, neck tension, head tossing, and refusing, improper, or switching leads. It can also help to relieve soreness in the back, neck, leg shoulders,
rib cage, and hips.

Oooooo mom, it feels so good!
Massage can also help with stumbling due to muscle tension or spasms, shortened stride, hind leg scuffing, and cold back.

Help your horse to achieve his maximum potential while feeling great!

Shelly's Certification:

I have been trained and certified by Equissage, Inc., a nationally renowned equine massage training and certification facility.  In addition, I have owned and ridden horses competitively for years, which gives me special insight into equine behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the session last?

Approximately one hour.

Where will the massage take place?

At your barn or horse show, by appointment. Your horse will be massaged in the stall or other secure environment.

Who performs the massage?

Your massage will be conducted by me personally. As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and an experienced rider and competitor, I have extensive knowledge of horses and experience with various massage techniques.

What will the massage feel like?

Massage is most effective when your horse is relaxed. Your session will begin by assessing your horses’ level of tension and tightness. Then specific techniques will be used to calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension.  As your horse becomes relaxed, the pressure maybe gradually increased to relieve specific areas of muscle tension.

When is it appropriate to have my horse massaged?

Horses can benefit from massages as follows:
Pre-event – boost your horse’s performance and prevent injuries
Post-event – decrease stress and muscle     
tension and lesson effects of muscle strain

How will my horse feel after the massage?

Many horses feel very relaxed yet amazingly alert.  Some may experience freedom from long term aches and pains developed from tension or muscle stress.  Horses often experience increased energy and greater flexibility for weeks.

How does massage interface with veterinary medicine?

Massage is NOT a substitute for appropriate veterinary medicine.  Prior to your horse’s first massage I need to know about any health conditions or specific needs of your horse. Please keep me informed about any change in your horse’s condition before any massage and see your veterinarian when needed.

Routine massage maintenance will aid your horse with continued relaxation and flexibility,
and can help to keep him tension-free for life!

Per horse, for a 1-hour massage -
Two horses or more, for a 1-hour massage -
$75.00 each + mileage fee
$75.00 each + no mileage fee
Special Note - Please tell me about special problem areas or training difficulties.

Massages scheduled by appointment only.  Call today to schedule your appointment. 

Give the gift of equine massage – gift certificates available!

Horse show committees - I can set up a booth and offer equine and equestrian massage
to serve both the horse and rider, for the duration of the show.

Call ( 216-225-2639) or Email for an appointment today,
and get a wonderful, relaxing massage session!

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