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Frequently Asked Questions:

 Who performs the massage?
Your session will be conducted by Shelly personally.  As a licensed massage therapist and certified reflexologist, she has extensive experience with various massage techniques and therapies.

What do I wear?
Traditionally, massages are perforomed with clients unclothed (underwear bottoms are mandatory). However, you may wear the amount of clothing comfortable for you.  You will be properly draped at all times -- only the area being worked on is exposed.
Where will the session take place?
In the privacy and comfort of my office in Medina. We have a beautiful Ocean-themed room for your pleasure and relaxation.
What will the massage feel like?
Massage is most effective when your body is relaxed.  You session may start with Swedish massage which uses broad, flowing strokes to calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension.  As you become relaxed, pressure may be gradually increased to relieve specific areas of muscle tension.  Feel free to tell Shelly about special problem areas.
What should I do during the session?
Relax and make yourself comfortable.  Many people will close their eyes, relax, and enjoy quietly.  Others like to talk during their massage.  Always feel free to ask Shelly any questions or state any of your concerns,
during your massage.
How will I feel after the massage?
Many people feel very relaxed, yet amazingly alert.  Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or muscle stess.  People often experience increased energy and greater productivity for days!

Are there medical conditions for which I should not recieve a massage?
Yes, please check with Shelly prior to scheduling your session.  You'll be asked to complete a health questionnaire on the first visit.  It is very important that you inform her of any health problems you have.
How long will the session last?
The average full-body massage will last for one hour.  A half-hour will allow time for partial or trouble-spot massage.

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